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Welcome Back! Glad you made it!

I’m sorry if I haven’t been uploading lately. I was very busy with school stuff. But anyways now that I am on holiday i will try to upload as much as possible. Without further ado let’s get started! Anyways just a quick intro about this article. During Covid-19 loads of people lost their balance in life. A lot of people gets addicted to video games and stoped doing exercises. So here I’m going to tell you what I did and advice you how to balance your life.


How do I define exercise?

I define exercise by making you sweat and increase your heart beat. You might be asking why do you define it like that? I define exercise like that because it takes hard work and it is tiring. If it is hard work then it will help you push through hard tasks you have. Of course if you have just got the vaccine DON’T exercise please do only exercise after 2-3 weeks after you are fully vaccinated. DISCLAIMER the time you have to rest is different according to different vaccines and countries. I am not a professional doctor and the time is from sources online. Please consult a professional doctor for more medical information about the vaccine. Now if it is tiring then it could help you sleep better. Here’s a picture of me swimming.


Why is sleep very important?

Sleep is very important because you need energy to work. In order to have energy you need to sleep (also you need to have glucose and oxygen). Here are some tips that will help you sleep well and have energy. Number one do not use your phone on your bed, only sleep on your bed. Do not play games on your bed. Number two don’t sleep at daytime unless you work during the night. During work at home or home base learning (HBL) avoid sleeping or having naps as much as possible. You should do that because napping makes you more energetic. If needed sleep 30 minutes during day time. Number 4 have regular sleeping hours. That is optimal so that your body will know when to shut down and wake up. Number 5 separate your working time and your own time so that you could relax.


This is the end!

I hope that the tips and advice I gave you will help you to have a good future. It is okay to play games but just don’t play too much like spend hours on it. It is okay to watch Youtube but not too much. Nothing is good if you don’t do it or do it too much. Anyways this article is suppose to make you realise how and what is balance. Hope you enjoyed it. Make sure to leave a comment to tell me you want more articles Like this. Or you want me to articles that are in other categories. Have a good weekend and merry Christmas everyone! Sweet dreams everyone! PS before you sleep help me subscribe my YouTube channel. Almost at 100 subscribers!! Please do it to make my Christmas the best one I could have. Link to my YouTube channel here.


A kid who loves to make blog and YouTube videos. Mainly do blogs and more focused on YouTube these days. Visit my face @ https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCdNmVeds6-waJxY2Y5v4E-A/ Makes Discord bot, and big fan of Aviation. Favorite YouTuber: Sam Chui.


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