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The War That Saved My Life book review

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War isn’t just about fighting.

Sometimes people are fighting for peace.

But in this book, the main character is fighting for freedom. Hi everyone welcome back to one of my book reviews. I haven’y uploaded for a long time because I’m busy for the past few months. If you are not subscribed to my Youtube channel or followed to my facebook page or twitter. Go ahead and go and follow or subscribe. I’ll be very happy. Countries have friends, but they also haveย enemies. When their enemies attackย  them then they will attack back. Of course they might have allies (countries friends).ย  Let’s get into the book now. I’m going to say about the book briefly. For details press show spoiler. since some people don’t want me to spoil the book.

Why I like it

Why i like it? Read and find out.

This is a simply fabulous book. This is probably my favourite book. I know one of my classmate that likes this book too. Why? Try and guess it. I recommend my classmate this book. My classmate loved it after he/she read it. He/she went to borrow the second book. Click here for the book review. [coming soon] So, you want to know the title of the book? It’s called The War I Finally Won. Butt, please don’t go to another website for the book review. If you do you will make me very saddd. So, I guess you are wondering when will it come out? Don’t worry it should come out within one to three weeks. Meanwhile check out my other book reviews. The thing I like is that the characters don’t give up. They still stay strong in a situation like this. If I were them I will be stressed out. With the bombing, air raids and rationing food.

Off topic

This is a bit off topic go ahead and skip to the next paragraph if you want.

World war 2 sure is a tough time. They even invented atomic bombs to finish the war. This is a little off topic. But it’s still history.ย  little man [name of the bomb] was dropped followed by fat man three days later. WW2 is very interesting. Want me to do more book reviews about World Wars? Let me know in the comments. After the war Russia and USA rushed to add more bombs into their aresnal. So, watch out they both are powerful and deadly. Meanwhile us are trying to keep their formulas a secret. They knew their were spies. If you want to know more buy a book called bomb. It’s about how they made the worlds first atomic bombs. The Soviet Union [Russia now] made tsar bomba which means king of bombs in russian. It equals to a shocking whoop of 55 milion tons in energy.ย 


So, you read this book before?

If so then don’t spoil the book by commenting what happens in the comments. The main character is a girl and his brother. Ada is the girl, and Jamie is the boy. Ada has clubfoot. His mother wouldn’t let her go out.ย  While Jamie goes out everyday. To school and play. He sometimes steal a fruit to give to his sister. Ada’s mom work in a pub. When the war came Jamie helped Ada to evacuate to the country side. Susan is responsible for them while they were living with her. Alright time for the spoilers.



โš ๏ธ๐ŸšจSEE AT YOUR OWN RISK๐Ÿšจโš ๏ธ


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