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The 130-Storey Treehouse Book review

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Today I’m going to ruin your day!!

Just Joking! That’s a book of Andy Griffiths too. So, remember to check it out in the bookstore too. However if you like exciting books I would recommend you to stay on storey treehouse books. Because, you might find that book boring. However, you can try the first one and try. Also I highly recommend Enid Blyton’s book. They are adventurous.

Setting and the start of the story

They live in ?

They live in a tree house. At the start of the story an annoying fly is keep flying around them. Then, Andy tried everything to kill it. From stomping to using a cannon ball! When they used the cannon ball the fly escaped even though when it is in front! When Terry came in he said have you used this and that. After that, andy said yes I did. At last Terry said I’m going to use my laser eyes! Andy asked since when did you have laser eyes? Terry replied and said this morning I change it at eyes level. He zapped and missed then again and again. Then they realised treehouse is on fire. They ran to the fire alarm smashed it and the treehouse fire bridge arrived. They saved the day.


Eye ball

Something really bad happened.

 Andy trapped the fly in a box. Then, an eyeball sucked  the treehouse. Eyeballs transported the treehouse. When they arrived an eyeball with a crown in top said you are all going to fight each other. Then Andy, Terry and Jill realised the one who said it, is the queen eyeball. They started fighting and the ice cream machine came out and shoot ice creams. Meanwhile in the treehouse Andy turned on the bubble machine to max. Then, the bubbles hurt their eyes and they won. Terry to tell them to stop and turn around to get the medal and andy said he have it. After they blast off from eyeballia they found a creature from outer space. After that, They asked it why is he here.

The Creature from outer space

This is what happened with the creature.


So, he explained and he said he save to save his friends and started telling a story. After a while when the story finishes they head over to the creatures planet. Suddenly eyeballs appear and chase them. They went faster so did the eyeballs. The sun appeared and Andy did some quick calculations that they will miss. And, he was wright they will miss but the sun will melt them. The creature from outer space transformed into shield and protect them. A while later the eyeballs hit the sun and the creature had an injury. Soon after that they arrived and the creature recovered. Suddenly the they realised that they are on the monster. The fly which they captured earlier distracted it and made it dizzy. The monster vomited and the creature came out. They asked Andy, Terry and jill if they can keep them. They said yes. The End.



You want to have a quiz if you fully understand the book?

If yes here is a link to google forms and you take the quiz. I will email you the results. I made the quiz. Click here to go to the quiz. Here’s a shoutout to a discord server called Roblox Gaming join this server if you have discord please join it. It will be awesome if you can boast it too. Click here for the discord server. I hope you like my book review and I will see you next time. Thanks for reading!  


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