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I know I haven’t been uploading much blog content lately. I have been very busy with school work. So, now that I am in summer vacation I’ll upload 2 times a week. But, those uploads will be book review. And, have you seen my YouTube Channel yet? If not go and press here and check it out. If you haven’t watched my recent videos or short and you are a subscriber. You have missed a lot. But if you are reading this I’ll tell you. I have decided to not make a Minecraft Survival series. Firstly, the filming takes too long. Secondly, I suck at Minecraft, I died with full iron armour and a diamond chestplate, along with a diamond pickaxe. However, I will be making more Minecraft Content. Releasing Bedwars every Friday at 8:00 P.M. SGT Realising the first episode last Friday (17th June 2022). Now the real topic!

About the Book

Read on to know about some of the characters and plot! 

There are 6 Main Character, and the side characters aren’t worth mentioning. So here are the charters. The person that is in the story the most is Maggie. She has a elder brother called Dillion and a younger brother named Charlie. But, there is also another person a froster baby named Izzie (How Maggie calls her ). Or Isabelle (How Maggie’s parents calls her). Her Mom and Dad are important characters too! So, one day Maggie’s Mom made an announcement that they were going to froster a baby. Rita the froster care lady told her not to get too attached. However, as soon as Maggie got home she fell in love with Izzie. Maggie has problems with throwing away things. However, I’ll stop there as I don’t want to spoil the book for you. So, Dillon is very fond of basketball (too much). Charlie makes a lot of random facts.

The Themes

The major themes of the book will be discussed here!

A major theme in the book is to find help when you need help. I really think this is a really important theme that the author has put in. It really shows it when Maggie’s mom went to a doctor when Maggie started to get mentally ill. Another theme is that no matter what siblings are siblings even if they were only there for a short time. Although I do not think this is a major theme as much as the last theme. But this also really tells you on how sometimes you would hate your siblings and/or be very mad at them. But in the very end they still are your siblings and you will still love them again.

What Age It Should Be For

If you are going to buy this as a gift for someone you NEED to read this!

I would rate this book a 9+. There are some things in the book where they have to be older to understand why this is happening. I would say this is a fair rating from a third person perspective. You might think this is for kids 8+ or 10+. If the kid is really mature than 8+ should be fine. If there is parent guidance this book could be 6+.


Pro’s and Con’s of the book!

Here are the pro’s of the book. The theme is really valuable. It is one of the themes in life you would have to learn sooner or later. The plot was very well planned unlike some stories where there is only action. Overall I can see the passion the author has put into the book. The con’s of the books are listed here. This book leaves an open ending, which makes me wonder what happens next. Unfortunately this book does not have a second book. This book also have some deep meanings. Like what therapists do, it makes them look like they force people but they don’t. But overall this book has won my heart. 

End of The Article

Please just a few words, read it.

Thanks for reading this article and I hope to see you soon everyone. PS. Here is a video version of me presenting this on YouTube. Enjoy!! (URL coming soon. Work in progress coming out in around a week).

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