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Video Game Addictions

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Do you like video games?

Well I love video games, recently I’ve been battling¬† a series of video game addictions. I make MineCraft YouTube content which is fun. But of course there are always points where it becomes to unhealthy and become an addiction. Sometimes I let my video games take over my academics. Firstly, we need to define how gaming becomes an addiction and what is a hobby. Secondly, how is your reaction while being addicted to gaming. Thirdly, what are some ways you can get out of video game addictions.

Definition of addiction to gaming


The definition of being addicted to gaming is letting gaming take over your daily routine. Somethings that happened to me is me putting gaming in front of socialising. This is a major change because socialising is a very significant in our lives. In this article it shows that it can also sharpen memories. So in this case it shows that socialising is a very important aspect of our lives. Socialising does not have to be face to face. It could be online chatting through discord, whatsapp, messanger, and other platforms. So in a way technology isn’t bad for you espically if you have time constrain and a lot of work to do.

Definition according to WHO

In the WHO (World Health Organization) there is also an article classifying video game addictions. According to the article video game addictions are classified as in the 11th version of ICD (International Classification of Diseases). What ICD is to identify health trends and disease statistics and to report any disease and health conditions. It is defined as gaming impacting important areas of your life for over 12 months. Some areas can be like personal, social, friendship, family, etc…


Reactions to addiction

Personal reactions (May vary according to different people)

When I got addicted to gaming I started being very angry. I also got really tired, so when my parents tried to discuss with me about the addiction problems I stubbornly just rejected. This is very  personal and varies a lot. I will not find sources as I am sharing my own experience on this.

How to get out of addictions?

Something I did.

First of all I made myself really busy as my addiction started in the summer holidays when I had nothing to do. When I get busy I don’t really bother much with video games. Also something that really helped me was my parents helped me block minecraft and discord. So when I worked, I wouldn’t procrastinate as much. Some things to also keep in mind is to get more friends and include yourself in Social activities and chat with others.


Wrap it all up

I hope this article helps, if you need any help I recommend on looking more articles online. Some articles online could really help you and if you need more help please go see a professional. Video game addiction is becoming more and more common now days. Remember that it is not wrong to game, it is only bad when you game too much. Go and check out my YouTube channel on some gaming videos and great content! Until next time, stay safe.



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