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The Escape of the Deadly Dinosaur : USA Book review (Secret Agent Jack Stalwart : book 1)

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Hi! Welcome to this article today I am going to tell about a book.

Firstly, get your self comfortable. Secondly, find a place you would like to read in. Thirdly, play some music if you want. Fourthly, clear your mind, and start reading. Before we start I would prefer you to read an article about this whole series. Here is a link to the article and there will be a link back here on that article. If you are wondering is the link in order from the 1 book to last book(14), then yes it is in order.  

Secret Agent Jack Stalwart series book review


Have you finished the article? If yes I will continue if no please finish it. 


Know more about the story

This paragraph will tell you how he fights.

The story starts with a boy named Jack. He is a secret agent and he works for an organization called GPF It stands for Global protection force. This organization will send Jack to each place by spiting a puzzle piece from a globe at 7:30 each night. He fights alone and his agent’s name is courage. He fights with some gadgets, returns home within 1 minute, and the skills he had learned when he was training. One night when he went into his room he watched the clock and waited for it to turn 7:30. Right at 7:30, the globe spat out a jigsaw piece and he went over to his book bag and watch phone. Right after that, he checked the code of the day and put the jigsaw piece in a magic map which will bring him to the destination.


Now I will talk about his mission.

Once he found the right place he places it in and in a blinding flash, he reached his destination USA. In the case, he was finding a missing dinosaur bone, and when he finds it that person helped to stop the dinosaur form going around. In the end, the child got punishments but luckily no one was hurt.


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that’s the last book of the series.

The end  

Here is a video if you want to watch one.

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