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The Pursuit of the Ivory Poachers: Kenya book review (Secret Agent Jack Stalwart Book:6)

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Hi! Welcome, today I am going to tell you about a book.

Firstly, get yourself comfortable. Secondly, find a drink or some food to eat if you want. Thirdly take the book if you have it. Now before I start please click here to read an article and the articles below. Have you finished all those stories yet? Do you like it how much stars you rate? Please comment on your ratings and why you like it or not below in the comment section. If there is anything that you think I can make it better please comment on it too.



Now I will tell you a bit about his mission.

I won’t tell you everything because if you still hadn’t read the book and I tell you the whole story it would be boring and you would give, sell or dump it away. Then it would be a waste of money. Next, you will blame me for spoiling it so I will just tell you a bit. Firstly, he was in his room at 7:30 waiting for the globe to spit a jigsaw piece out. At 7:30 it did and he went to pick it up and ran over to his bed to take his book bag and phone watch. After that, he shouted off to Kenya. When he arrived in Kenya he asked what’s going on. Then the person said to wait for another person to arrive. In his mission, he tried to solve a mystery of someone killed the elephants to get tusks.



Now I will tell you about the last part.

After a few chapters, he solved the mystery and got put in danger in a family of lions. At last, he used his gadgets and got away safely. Arrested the man and went home.


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