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The Boy Who Fooled the World

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Hi! Welcome to this article today I am going to tell you about a book.

Firstly, get yourself comfortable sitting or laying. Secondly, get something to eat or drink if you want. Thirdly, open some music or find a friend if it would be better. fourthly, clear your mind. Lastly, take a deep breath in…………. and out. Before I start I want to tell about the pages. The pages are special they have a pattern on the side. It looks like this.

  Now you know how special it is. Do you like the pages? Comment below to tell me.


Main story

Now I will tell you about the story.

Firstly, a person named Mason stayed at school from a field trip to an assessment park. He and his friend was cleaning up stuff in the art classroom. Then he asked the principal why is it so important to clean the art room. The principal said a famous artist is visiting the school. He also told Mason the artist used to study in that school. That artist also donates some art stuff to the school. After the artist arrives the next day she told everyone in Mason’s class to draw a picture of anything. When he did the painting he accidentally pressed his hand on his painting. Then, when he is trying to paint his handprint over the artist told him to stop. She said this artwork tells me a story and told her PA(personal assistant) to collect the painting. 

The painting

Then the painting was sold for 1000 pounds.

Then he was told to do another painting. The artist told him that the next one will coast more than 1000 pounds. When he did he had trouble making it. One day her little sister, Mabel wants to paint and he put some newspaper on the floor to let her little sister paint. When she painted it she painted a butterfly game. After that, he signed the painting and make it was his. When it’s time to reveal the masterpiece he wants to go home, but it’s too late. The painting is sold for 10000 pounds. Lastly, Mabel told everyone about the painting and everyone was mad. They had to stay in their aunt’s house for a few weeks.

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