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Top 9 best book series

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Hi, welcome back to my article. Apologies for not updating for so long.

Today I’m going to talk about my top nine best book series. It’s hard for me to pick because I have a lot of books. If you have a child or children I hope this will help you. Then you could probably buy the books I like, for your child or children. The books I choose are interesting and exciting. I choose boring books because I hate them. Why would I buy boring books? It would only waste money and time. This is the other reason why I hate boring books. It’s not fun. However, you want to read for fun, don’t you? If you are a child and your parents force you to read boring books show them this article.


Number nine

Zoe’s rescue zoo

The main character is Zoe. She lives in a zoo. Then, in every book her uncle rescues an animal. After that, there’s either a problem with the animal or needs help. But, Zoe knows what the animals are saying when she was six. However, she can’t let anyone know about it. Not even her mum or uncle. She can’t tell because the parrot said there are only a few people in the world that has the ability. The parrot also said all animals know what human is saying. It’s pretty interesting I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.





 Number Eight

Hotel Flamingo

Hotel Flamingo’s main character is Anna. Her aunt owns hotel flamingo a long time ago. They didn’t have any customers for three years. There is only three staff at the start. Now Anna wants to hire some staff. They become very grand soon but they don’t know challenges awaits ahead of them. After that, their rival The Glitz challenge them in each book. This book is a bit to the business side, but still exciting.






Number seven

Thea Stilton Mouseford academy

Thea stilton Mouseford academy is sort of less exciting than the normal Thea Stilton. It also has fewer pages and bigger words. But it’s still adventurous. More of a competitive side. A student name Ruby brags a lot. Her parent was rich and trying to make the other students buy Ruby’s mum stuff. Every book she hates the Thea sister because they are always better than her. She plays tricks on them too. But somehow they always manage to escape.





Number six

Just  annoying (that series)

Just kidding has the same author and illustrator as the story treehouse. It’s a very funny book. Here’s the list of books. The first one of the series is Just kidding. After that, there is Just Annoying, Just Stupid, Just Disgusting, Just Crazy, Just shocking, Just Macbeth, and Just doomed. In every book, there is a lot of short stories. The stories will be related to the title of the book. For example, I’m reading Just Stupid The stories will be stupid but still not ver silly just right.



Number five

Thea Stilton (normal)

 After the first book which they had a really exciting adventure with a famous journalist called Thea. After the adventure, a group of five girls names after Thea. Thea Sisters are what people call them. In some books, they struggle to find a place to go on term break. But as they decide sometimes they get an email.  Sometimes they have already decided where to go for term break. 





Number four

The Story Treehouse

Story Treehouse has big words but funny. In the story every time they get a problem. Either with andy or terry or with new rooms or people. The trouble they get in is silly but still appropriate for children. I like this series because it’s silly.







Number three

Ninja Kid 

Ninja Kid is obviously about a ninja. The ninja’s dad was a ninja too. But his brother is evil. Once he vanished after fishing. No one knows what happened. The main character got his ninja powers when he turned nine. He started fighting bad guys with his cousin. No one knows his real identity. In every book, the ninja’s dad’s brother tries to find out. Every time he has to be careful not to reveal his real identity. After that……




Number two

Ranger In Time

This series is about a golden retriever. The dog saves people in each time. Ranger who is the dog went through search and rescue training.  But sadly he didn’t past because of a squirrel right in front of him. When he knows real people need help he would ignore it. He traveled by a first aid kit he dug out from his home’s garden. Every time he traveled to and back by the first aid kit. It hums when it needs him. He straps it around his head when it hums.




Number one

The secret series

The secret series is about four children on adventures three were in one family two girls one boy. In the first book their parents disappear after they went for a flight.  Peggy and Nora are what the two girls’ name was. Mike is the boy in the family. Peggy, Nora, and Mike’s aunt and uncle assume their parents would not come back. So, they made the children do all the work. After that, their friend  Jack showed them a secret island. Then they escaped and brought all the stuff they need night by night. One of them was chicken. Then they bought a cow they made it swim over. In the last three books, they resued a prince and goes on adventures with him.




 Now I’m going to wrap this up.

Overall I like all these series. I have so many series I like it was almost impossible for me to choose nine. Comment below if you find this useful and have any of this series and you like them. Rember to share my blog with all your friend. Subscribe to my YouTube too! Click here to do so. Bye, I will see you in my next article.


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