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Fing book review

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Hi, welcome back to another article. 

Today I’m going to tell you about a book called Fing. It’s a funny book. I laughed a lot at some parts and can’t stop laughing. But I won’t tell you then funny parts because you might blame me for telling you everything. Buy the book yourself to read everything. However, I will tell you some parts of the book. Do you like reading? If yes I really recommend you to buy all David Williams books. Then, every time I make a David Williams book review you can take out the book too.


 Character introduction

Now I will tell you about the main characters.

Mr. Meek who is a librarian. Mrs. Meek his wife who also is a librarian. For the first ten years, they had not spoken to each other. Then, one day they saw each other and fallen in love. After some more years, they married each other. After that, Mrs. Meek gave birth to a baby who is not cute at all. When the baby was born it says more, again, and again. Her parents thought it would be better when she is older. But they are wrong it only got worse. They can’t say no to their daughter because she will howl the whole house down.


Main story

The main story is a bit boring!

Myrtle Meek has One thing for every alphabet from A to Z! She has a lot of stuff that she and her parents could barely get in and out of the room. One day when she’s eating her chocolate cake breakfast she asked for a Fing. Then her parent aked what is a fing, my dear. She said she doesn’t know. But she says she must have it when she gets home from school. After that, her parents gave her a lift to school. It’s not on a car literally by hand. Her Dad is carrying a suitcase. In the suitcase, it’s her lunch. When they got to school her parents put her down. Her mom yelled I will try my best to get a Fing as she walked away. She immediately stops and took a big box of chocolate milk and throw it at her mom. 

The adventure

This is the part where you get the exciting part.

After Myrtle went into the school they went to the library to find out what is Fing. They searched but can’t find it. They secretly went into the basement. No one can go to that area. But hey did it anyways. They found a dictionary and found what a fing is. Myrtle’s dad immediately took a plane and transit a lot of other transportations to get to a forest. He found the Fing at last, but it bit his finger. He was really smart he drove it to his home. Myrtle’s mom already bought one from the pet shop when he gets back. At the end of the story, Myrtle ends up in the forest. But the book to read more. This is the end remember to share my blog and Youtube with all your friends. Subscribe to me on Youtube, click here. Bye, see you in my next article!

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