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Fish In a Tree Book review

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let’s start with the introduction and some of them are my opinion.

Fish In a Tree is a really good book because it is a positive book, it also has a growth mindset thinking and the book says nothing is impossible. I think it is true even though it is a fiction book and it is possible that nothing is impossible. 

Main Story

Now we will go to the main story and understand what happened.

First, the story starts with a girl named Ally and she has a type of autism spectrum and ADHD which is called Dyslexia. At the start, she had a teacher called Ms.Hall and she always sent Ally to the principal’s office because she doesn’t know what Ally needs. After half a year at the school with Mrs.Hall, she left for a break because she has a baby. When it’s Mrs.Hall’s last day until the break for her Ally gave her a sympathy card. After she gave it to Mrs.Hall, Mrs.Hall told her to go to Mrs.Silver which is the principle of the school. Then Mrs.silver told her it would be better to talk to her in her office. After the talk, it is time to go home and before she goes she said the new teacher for the next few weeks while Mrs.Hall’s away is a teacher called Mr.Daniel.Next week Mr.Daniel arrived, first, he asked the class to write themselves. The next day he asked the class to write about anything in a notebook that he gave them and he said he won’t mark them. The third day Ally handed in the homework. After he turned in the homework Mr.Daniel called Ally to his desk and asked her what does the cube means. One day 


Mr.Daniel called Ally if she wanted to play chess after school then she asked what about my homework? Then Mr.Daniel told her she won’t have homework if she plays chess as long as she won’t tell anyone.   


After that, she said yes she would play chess. The next day which is Tuesday went well and after school, they played chess. At the end of the game Ally almost beat Mr.Daniel.Over the next few weeks, they had kept playing chess. One week Mr.Daniel said that

they are not going to play chess anymore! They Are going to learn words and he says she is doing him a favor for him. Then she asked how, after that, he replied by getting me a degree in special teaching. Next week they learn words by spraying cream on the metal. After that each lesson they use sand or cream to learn words. One day she asked if it is possible to read like other kids then she said to herself it is not possible. Then Mr.Daniel heard it and said it is possible then he wrote possible on a sheet and gave the sheet to her. One day she needs to bring a school project to school and her brother called Travis drove her to school. After school, she gave her brother the project and told him she would be back soon. After that, she ran to school and ran to her classroom and opened the door and ask if her brother could join the section that when they are learning words then he said yes. After he said yes he told him he will be down a minute. When she reached her brother she said follow me and gone back into school and he had met Mr. Daniel. In the last part of the story, she gave the possible sheet to him and said this belongs to you now.

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