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Space Case Book Review

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Space Case is a fiction book where some of the people on earth have been sent to the Moon for three years by NASA. People on earth call them moonies! Want to know more then read the rest of the book report. 


Main Story  

        It Started off with a boy named Dashiell who is the main character of the story. Dashiell lives on a moon base which is called the Moon Base Alpha .  When the story started Dashiell hated the moon base because he can’t play with his friends. He also hates the toilet because he had to share with the others and need to wake up at two. He needs to wake up at two because sometimes space food makes his stomach ache. By the way, he hates space food because they are dry and unfresh. 

         One day Dr.Holtz who is a Dr. In MoonBase died. After that happened Dashiell knew what had happened, but his little sister didn’t because his dad told her to watch cartoons. So she watched a cartoon named Squirrel Force. That is why she doesn’t know what happened. She is happy because she doesn’t need to goto school and she can watch cartoons before eating her favorite breakfast, waffle. She is the only one in the entire moon base who likes the waffle.               

    Later that day a rocket arrived. They watched the rocket land in the rec room so they don’t need to walk out of the airlock.  Another reason is because they would get blown off the moon by the powerful rocket . Then Nina who was the commander of the moon base told him to be a welcome buddy for a kid who is almost the same age as him.  After knowing that he is going to be a welcome buddy he went to the airlock to welcome that kid. Do you want to know is that kid is a boy or a girl? That kid is a girl. That girl is called Kira. She is kind and lovely. When Kira walked in the base she jumped too high and he hit the wall. After that Dashiell said, “you will know how to walk on the moon Base in a  few days.”After that she asked Dashiell is it true that Dr.Holtz died? He replied yes it is true that he died. How did you know that asked Dashiell! I know that because the crew on the rocket told everyone before landing. After that they had burgers for dinner.After dinner they continued the investigation of why Dr.Holtz died. Then When they continued they had access to the security camera which rod helped them. After that they found out that Dr.Holtz had sent out a drone and hid his phone. Then Kira and Dasheill went out the airlock. After a few minutes they went out a robotic arm chased them. Next they ran to the airlock and pressed the alarm button. After they got in he gave a mechanic on the moon base to fix the phone. At last they figured that a person called Mr.Grisan killed Dr.holtz. There are two more books. If you want to know what name is it please have a look below.

1. Spaced Out

2.Waste of space.

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