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Why did I became a YouTuber and a blogger?

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This article will be my most popular article because on youtube I lived and got a lot of views.  

Hi! Welcome to this article let’s start. First, sit or lay on anything and get comfortable. Second, get your brains clear and play some music if you like because that will make you relax. Thirdly, find a friend or someone to read with if you think that reading with someone will be more comfortable. Now we will start. 

I become a blogger and a YouTuber because…..

In this paragraph, I will tell about how I started and get courage.

First, I want you to know more about me, so click on this link to go to another article and come back.

About Me

Did you finish? Now let’s continue, I become a blogger because it would keep me company so I will always be busy and I could record the things I do when I am little like a diary. I become a YouTuber because I can record things I did when I am young. I find my courage from the people around me because I want to share the things I did with the whole world. Here are ten tips about being a YouTuber and blogger.

  1. Don’t say I that often if you are telling facts like airplane model number
  2. Don’t always say so…..so…….so so much that will be annoying.
  3. Make some jokes and smile don’t be some strict you might scare people
  4. Update at least once a week
  5. Think about what people need like cooking
  6. Stay calm because people might think that you are angry and they would stop watching your videos
  7. Show them something they can’t see from the camera like behind the scenes
  8. See if you can see your face after you make the video
  9. Try to find a white space or on your balcony if there are trees if you are recording at home
  10. When you write make sure your SEO is on good. (it would be better if you have 1000 words)


If you want to watch a video here is one.

A kid who loves to make blog and YouTube videos. Mainly do blogs and more focused on YouTube these days. Visit my face @ https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCdNmVeds6-waJxY2Y5v4E-A/ Makes Discord bot, and big fan of Aviation. Favorite YouTuber: Sam Chui.

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