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Today I’m going to tell you about Hong Kong.

Hi! So, do you know who I am. But, before you guess this is about Hong Kong. Most of you might think Hong Kong might be a bad city. But, you’re wrong. It is a good place to stay. I love it, I also come from there I lived almost a decade there. It is a really fun place to live in. They have really cheap stuff. Whatever you name it they have it. In my opinion it’s actually the easiest city to live in because everything is cheap . But the only things is that the houses and apartments are expensive. If want to read the presentation instead I’ll put it in.


Good places in Hong Kong

Now I’m going to tell you about the fun places in Hong Kong.

The number one place I like is Hong Kong Disneyland. But, I don’t like roller coasters though. I only like the stickers they give out. I almost have 300 of them in my collection. There are some stickers are the same. I always ask for one when I see a staff. I get about some 20 stickers every time I go there. Some of them are good and to be honest some of them aren’t. Every now and then they give out new stickers. Some maybe only for that season, month or holiday. I mean it’s fun to ask for stickers and count how many I have. Me and my friends usually count and see how many we go and see who got the most.

Where to get the best view in Hong Kong

There are a few places to get good views but I’m just going tell two

Number one Hong Kong Ferris Wheel. It has a great view when you get to the top. I highly recommend you to go at night. The night view is really stunning. There are also fairs there if I’m not wrong. Mary go arounds and stuff but, I don’t know if they sure still around during COVID-19. It only 20 HKD for adults, 10 HKD for Children (aged 3-11 years,) Seniors, Visitors with Disabilities cost 10HKD. For Children under 3 they can go into the ferris wheel for free! Now the second place is Sky 100. You also should go at night. But, day time will also be fine, because you have very good view of Hong Kong. But, if you are on the Ferris Wheel it won’t go so high. So you won’t be able to see all the stuff. There are cafes there too. 

Fees and shows

Now I’m going to talk about the fees for the observation deck and shows.

Remember to go to sky 100 on a sunny day not a rainy one. Or else you won’t be able to see anything.The fees are 178HKD standard adult ticket (12-64), 115HKD for standard children (3-11), 115HKD for standard senior (65+) There’s a show in Hong Kong a bit famous. It’s called sympathy of lights. A myriad of searchlights, lasers, LED screens and lighting illuminate for this nightly spectacle. There will be music while you watch. A Symphony of Lights is what the music’s called  .  There are 40 buildings involve in the show. The show is free. But when Tropical Cyclone Warning Signal No.3 or above. Red/Black Rainstorm Warning Signal issued at 3:00 p.m and onwards that day, the Show will be suspended.  The show will still be cancelled even if the signal has been removed by 20:00 (8P.M.) .


Summary and the presentation

Well we are coming to an end to the article this week.

Here is the presentation. I had prepared three. One in Google Slides, one in Microsoft PowerPoint the last one as PDF. For Google Slides you can access it on Safari and Google Chrome. For Microsoft PowerPoint you have to have the app. I think most people on computer or laptop will be able to access it. Click Here for Google Slides presentation. Then, if you want click here for the Microsoft PowerPoint link.  Click  Here for the PDF document. Well hope you enjoyed my article for this week. It took me a lot of time and research. But worths it if it means that you guys get to learn more about Hong Kong. So, let me know if want to guess my name. Please comment if have any problem with the presentations. Thanks for reading. Have a nice week. Byeeeeeee!


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