How I feel about Covid-19 and do it effect me ?

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Hi! Welcome back.

Today I’m going to tell you my opinion of COVID-19 and the effect it has. Firstly, the effect it has is not very much. The only effect it has is to stay at home, but there’s good and bad. The good thing is I can make lots of videos. The bad thing is I can’t go out.  Secondly, it just makes me slow down. Thirdly, I have time to edit the videos. Fourthly, I can write my articles slowly and take my videos slowly and have time to retake. At last, I have time to discover new things like an intro app.

Check out these two videos if you want intros.

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My opinion 

Now I will tell you what I think about COVID-19

I think COVID-19 is hard to manage because there’s a lot of restrictions. Even though there’s a lot of restrictions,  I think it’s good to make me release even eating MacDonalds is very difficult. Next, I realize I like school because I can chat and play with my classmates. I even like going to the supermarket with my mum now because I can’t go to other places. I hope you enjoy this article! Keep reading and watching. See you in my next article then. Please remember to check out the table below.


Firstly, I hadn’t opened my youtube channel for very long. Secondly, I love making videos. Thirdly, all the videos are appropriate for children. At last, it won’t be very long.

Now Here’s more the tabel. 


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