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Special edition Chinese New year

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The myth

Do you know the Chinese new year myth?

You know why your neighbours put red paper with Chinese words? It’s because of a myth. So, want to hear it? Once upon a time there’s a monster called nian shou. ( 年兽)  He sleeps all year long. But he wakes up on Chinese new year to find food he eats anything he could find. Ducks, chicken and even humans. When he gets to houses he mess around and turn the house inside out. Then one day a man came to the village and knocked on a woman’s door. But, on that very day it was Chinese New year.


What happened next


The man said give me food and you go, I have a solution. The woman said you better leave too. He said no I will be good. After that, the woman said ok, be safe. The man painted the house red and got bamboos. When nian shou (the mo nster) came he lit up the bamboos in front of the door.  Then, nian shou never came anymore. Here is a video. But it’s Chinese, don’t worry I got your back it has English subtitles.

Why is there lion and dragon dance?

If you know I would be impressed

Lion Dance chases evil. They performs it in Chinese festivals or at special occasions. Are you wondering does it have any other use? If you are it also bring good fortune. It is one of the most important traditions at Chinese new year. It’s also suppose to bring prosperity and good luck for the upcoming year. Dragon dance is a symbol of China’s culture. They are supposes to bring  bring good luck. The longer they are the more luck they will bring.



Did you learn? 

I hope you learned about Chinese New Year and traditions. Share this post with your friends to support me. If you have anything you want me to write about please leave a comment below. One last fact people eat a big shared bowl of meat and vegetables mixed during Chinese New Year. It tastes good. If you have a chance to visit main land China or Hong Kong during Chinese new year. You should try it. Please subscribe to my Youtube Channel and subscribe to my blog. Bye I will see you next time.



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