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    el deafo Book Review

      Hi welcome to this blog today I’m going to tell you what does this book is about. This book is based on a real life story. The story starts off with a girl named Cece and.One day she threw up and her father and mother don’t know what to do so they toom her to the hospital A&E (Accident & Emergency ) part of the hospital.   

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    Wonder Book Review

       Wonder Book Report Hi! I am Philip today I will write a book report about wonder, and I love this book so much.Why? I will keep it a secret. It will be the last thing in my report. So let’s start with the beginning of the book. It started off with a boy named August ,and he’s face look horrible. Also he had always been homeschooled because he has a lot surgery. Now I will tell you how many surgery he had. He has 27 surgery in the only age of ten.Let’s continue then I will tell you more about the book.Now let’s talk about the dilemma.The dilemma is that…

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    Tissue box

      Hi welcome to this blog i will tell you how to make a container for 2 TV remote. First find a tissue box (Rectangle) then cut out a little rectangle . after that try the remote does it fit or not. At last you had made it and you won’t lost your TV remotes.  Extra tip you can decorate it to look better.

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    About Me

    Hi, my name is Philip and I created this blog. I would like to thank my mom and dad for supporting me for opening my blog and thanks to Sam Chui I got a lot of skills in how to make a video and a blog. Please read all my posts and subscribe to my youtube channel call adventure Philip. Thank you for visiting my blog and have a nice day!  Here is a link to an article on why did I become a blogger and a YouTuber.

  • Space case
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    Space Case Book Review

                      Introduction Space Case is a fiction book where some of the people on earth have been sent to the Moon for three years by NASA. People on earth call them moonies! Want to know more then read the rest of the book report.    Main Story           It Started off with a boy named Dashiell who is the main character of the story. Dashiell lives on a moon base which is called the Moon Base Alpha .  When the story started Dashiell hated the moon base because he can’t play with his friends. He also hates the toilet because he had to…

  • Fish in a tree
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    Fish In a Tree Book review

                      Introduction let’s start with the introduction and some of them are my opinion. Fish In a Tree is a really good book because it is a positive book, it also has a growth mindset thinking and the book says nothing is impossible. I think it is true even though it is a fiction book and it is possible that nothing is impossible.  Main Story Now we will go to the main story and understand what happened. First, the story starts with a girl named Ally and she has a type of autism spectrum and ADHD which is called Dyslexia. At the…