What Airlines should do during COVID-19. (My opinion)

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In this paragraph, I will run you through what it’s mainly about.

In the first paragraph, I will talk about Cargo. Then, I will talk about flying. After that, I will talk about how to be eco-friendly on the plane. From what you use to what you do.



Here’s what the local government can help with aviation.

First, people can’t fly. That means that when people want to give people something they have to ship it. So if the post office receives a parcel they give it to a local airline. When they hand to a local airline they must have an amount. So when they fly they don’t waste fuel money and manpower. I know a lot of people want to fly again. So do me! Even if we can fly now we won’t fly for fun.



What airlines can do to fly passengers without quarantine them?

They could do a touch and go! If you are wondering what touch and go then here’s the answer.

If you don’t understand this short video I will tell you. It’s when the plane lands and doesn’t stop then take off immediately again. It doesn’t require quartine it just requires airline food and fuel. So If it’s short they could do a round trip (touch and go). But if it’s long they could refuel and refuel food at a gate. Then the only requirement for the passengers is they cannot get off the plane. Those who like flying can do that and the airline can get money. So it’s a win-win.



I created a small presentation in my school ECA about Eco-Friendly.

If any factories or airlines are reading it I’m more than happy for you to make this product out! Here is the presentation. Click here to read the presentation! Hope you enjoy it!  


Wrap up

Here’s the summary.

I hope you this article and from now on I’m going to upload one time every two weeks. Sorry For not uploading before I have to go to school and I’m busy. If you have any information or article you think I should write please comment below. It will take a while until you can see your comment. I have to approve it so please be patient since I don’t check often and sorry for the inconvenience.    I really hope some government reads it! So, remember to share this article. One person reads it then shares, then shares to another person so on so forth. Then you might be the one who saves aviation.




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