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What books should your children read if they only started reading?

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Today I’m going to tell you what books should you buy for your children.

First, I will introduce you to the story treehouse. Then, I will introduce David Walliams. After that, I will introduce you, ninja kid. At last, I will give a conclusion to the article. Let’s start.

Story treehouse

I started to like reading English books when I read this.

I found this book during a book fair at my school. The only one that looks interesting from the cover is the 91 story treehouse. So I end up buying that book. I read it as soon as I got home. It was good. After that, I told my mum to buy me the whole series. Up to now, it is at 130 story treehouse. And I read up to 117. If you are wondering that there are 130 books in the series then don’t worry. There are only 10 books. It is because it starts at 13 and skips 13 stories each time. The main character is andy and terry. I have made a quiz for chapters 1-2 for the 13 story treehouse. Click here for the quiz.

David Walliams

I started reading David Williams in a popular book shop.

 I read Grandpa’s Great Escape because I like aviation. So, there are 14 chapter books that David Walliams wrote. The latest one is slime. It talks about a boy who hates every adult in town except his parents. Click here to read the book review.  


Ninja Kid

I bought it in Popular book shop when I started to have an interest in English books. 

The main characters are ninjas one has superpowers and one doesn’t. Nelson has superpowers and his dad is a ninja. His dad disappeared when Nelson was small. His brother is trying to capture his son because he is evil. Now Nelson and his cousin ( The ninja that doesn’t have


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I hope you enjoy my article.

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