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Slime Book Review

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Hi, Guys, it’s been a long time since I wrote a book review, isn’t it?!

Since it’s that long I haven’t written one I will today. I will be writing about a book called Slime. It’s by David Williams and illustrated by Tony Ross. The book published this year. So you could say it’s new. Do you have a copy of the book then that’s great! Take it out if you have. Have you read it yet? It will be boring if told you everything. So I prefer you to read it first. If you don’t have a copy don’t worry. After I told you most of the parts you can decide if you want to but or not.


Charter introduction

Now let me introduce you to the main characters.

Ned, he has glasses and needs to use a wheelchair to go to places. His parents are fishers they go early to work and come back late. The island’s adults are mean not nice! There’s a toy store in town which owns by a twin that is evil. Ned’s aunt lives in a castle with a hundred and one cats. His bigger sister is evil too but then she uses all the hot water every day. The teachers are evil too. They get expelled after the student been to school in a day or two.  The whole island’s evil. Everything is evil. At the toy store children bye stuff. Then the twins broke it or something bad. For example, they put motors in a rocking horse. Then children will fly out from the rocking horse.

Main story

Do You know what’s the main story?

the story started with Ned’s birthday. His sister planed something evil. She has collected a lot of stuff from live animals to boogers! She will put some of the stuff she collected into the bathtub. While she was sleeping Ned saw the plan.  When he did he put everything his sister collected into the bathtub. After that, he stirred it and made slime. Then the slime suddenly said hi. The slime asked how can I help you? Ned asked it’s this like Aladdin that you could have three wishes? Slime replied no you can ask me to do more than three things. Then her sister knocked come out Ned I need to use the toilet. Ned replied coming out and told slime to transfer into a big shoe. After that, he punished the evil adults. Then, told her aunt to send her and the evil adult away from the island.


My opinion

That’s basically what happened.

 Now here’s my opinion. I think I’m going to rate this book five stars. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ The illustration is quite good. The only thing I think they can improve is to add a bit of color except black and white. I hope you enjoy this article. Please rate my article in my discord group or in the comment box below. If you think This article remember to share it with your friends too. Click here to join my discord Group.

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