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Noah’s ark

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Hi, Today I’ going to tell you a true story that’s in the bible.

First I want to know if you have a bible. Then, if you have a bible take it out. If not please use an app called the holy bible. After that, open your bible or app to Genesis. But don’t start reading it because I want to tell you about the settings. However, I will go into the details later. God wants to flood the earth because people are getting evil! Except a family called Noah. One day God told Noah he’s going to flood the earth and tell him to build an ark. After that villages wondered what Noah’s doing and he says building an ark. The villager then said something which I will tell you later. When he finishes building an ark he boarded every animal and in pair. He and his family boarded. Then it rained 40 days.


Now I will tell you the details.

Now please open your bible and turn to Genesis. Then go to chapter six.  God said this when people start being evil. “I will wipe from the face of the earth the human race I have created. And with them the animals, the birds and the creatures that move along the ground. I regret that I have made them.”  This verse is in Genesis chapter six verse seven.  So one day God said this when Noah’s going to a stroll. Noah Build an ark. Then Noah asked what’s an ark. God replied it’s a big ship. After that Noah started building. 


What people said to Noah while he’s building.

Want to know what people say to Noah. Read on!

So this what people say about Noah and ask him. One villager asked what he is doing and he replied building an ark. The villager asked why he is building an ark in the middle of the land. He answered that the Lord said he(Lord) is going to flood the land. People start teasing him you are not going to belive that right! But Noah ignored what people say. He built it and keep telling people that it is true but people don’t believe him.


The flood 

The flood comes then what happens?

When Noah finished building his ark he boarded animals in pair and his family. When the ark’s door closed it rained. Now I will tell you about how I feel about this. I feel good because humans do deserve it. We have sinned all the time. You should read the bible and know more. There is a lot of stories in the bible. You have to pray and find out what God wants you to do. If you have a habit of praying then sleep then that’s good. But if you don’t that’s what you have to change. If you forgot what the articles about feel free to come back and read it again. I hope you enjoyed and learned in this article. Remember to share my blog with al your friends! I will see you in the next one!  



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