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What are idioms?


Hi everyone today I’m going to tell you about idioms.

What are idioms? You use it in everyday life but you don’t realize it. In the beginning, I’m going to take it easy. Then it will get harder. But it won’t be very hard if your first language is English. If you have passed primary school you will find this super duper easy.  I will put a link to go to my worksheet. So if you want to test yourself if you know what I said then do it. But I’m busy these days so please subscribe to my blog. You will get a notification when I update. If you are using phones or tablets it won’t work. Sorry for the inconvenience cause it will only work for computers. Click here (coming soon) to go to the worksheet.


When do I or you use idioms?

Now I will tell you when do I or you use idioms and don’t know.

I at least say one idiom per week. How about you? Comment below and let me know. Idioms are like a figurative language, not literally. When I say The test was a piece of a cake. What do I mean by that? I don’t mean it’s a piece of cake like this. Read this example. “What is this?” asked Bob.  “A piece of cake leftover from my birthday party yesterday,” answered  Mary. I mean the test is easy. Let me do another one. Let me think……😓 Oh, I got one.  I woke up on the wrong side of bed today.  I don’t mean I got off my bed on the wrong side!  It means that I’m angry today. Now, do you understand? IF not please comment and let me know and I will teach you. 


examples of idioms

Now I will tell some of the idioms I know.

Here are some idioms I know. But honestly, I don’t know all of them.  So, did you still remember what idioms are? If yes awesome you have a good memory. But if you ask me I have a really bad memory as bad as a goldfish! Frist idiom is your eyes are bigger than your belly. It means that you take more food then you can eat. The second idiom is, spill the beans. That means that don’t keep the secret and tell it. 




Now it’s time to review what we learned!

What does idioms mean? Does it means it literally or does it mean figuratively? When I say I woke up on my wrong side bed today what mode am I in? Happy? If you said my mood is angry you are correct. One day your mum said what did you do in school today, spill the beans what does she mean?  If you think it’s telling her everything then you are correct! One extra one for you. I’m on the fence should I take a computer or Ipad to my friend’s home. It means I can’t decide what to bring. I hope you learned in this article see you in the next one.

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