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What is Onomatopoeia?

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Hi, guys welcome back today I’m going to teach you about onomatopoeia.

Firstly, I’m going to tell you what is onomatopoeia. Then, I’m going to give you examples of it. Subsequently, I’m going to give you extra tips. After that, I will make a worksheet and you can prin† it out. It’s optional you can just test have you learned anything. If you want to do it on the computer please let me know I have a google docs link. Then on your top left corner press file. After that, press the button that says makes a copy. If you don’t understand watch this video.

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If you understand what I’m doing please continue.



What is onomatopoeia? 

Now I will tell you about what is onomatopoeia.

Onomatopoeia is a sound word. A sound word describes a sound. Like boom, bang, and many more others. You use it when you want to write down a sound but it is not possible right! You can’t trap sound in a piece of paper! If you can it will be a really big surprise for me. Please send a video to me if you can do that! 🤣😂 If you use onomatopoeia correctly your writing will be really interesting. After that, your writing will go Boom, Boom, and Boom. The views will go up like crazy if a lot of people share your post. However, you want to impress your readers like you. Furthermore, if you are writing a book you better use some too because it will be interesting. You also should use awesome adjectives for example humongous. That’s an extra tip that you could use in writing.  


Extra tips

Now I’m going to give you the extra tips I promised you.

First of all, the impression on the reader is important but don’t use onomatopoeia too much. You don’t want to do that because they will get them annoyed! Type in or write in onomatopoeia and adjective words that are related to your topic. However, repeat what you wrote or type and see if it’s really topic related. Meanwhile, think of what you will write in the next one or two paragraphs or paragraph.


The worksheet

Now I’m going to give you the link for the worksheet.

If you don’t want to do the worksheet it is absolutely fine. Here are some tips on how do you do it. Click here for the questions. Click here for the answers.  You can print it out, do it on preview if you are using MacBook. However, you can do it on google docs just follow the steps above. If you are too lazy and want to read it here it is.  


Here are the steps.

Open the link. Then on your top left corner beside the docs logo press file. After that, press the button that says makes a copy. If you don’t understand watch this video. 


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I hope you enjoy this article and find it useful! Please leave a comment if you need any help. If you need further help and have a discord account come to this server. Click here  Bye guys see you all tomorrow!

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