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When I First become a blogger and Youtube.

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Hi! Welcome back, guys!

Today I’m going to talk about the emotions and experience when I first started my website and channel. Then I’m going to tell you about my experience. If you wanted to open a website or a YouTube channel you will find this useful.  Do you want useful tips? Comment below and I will reply to you. After that, we will end. Sound good? I will start soon. First I want to tell you this will be good and if you have children it will be useful. I will tell you why it is useful now. Later I will tell you some other things. Let’s get further into why it is useful. I’m a child, and I enjoy doing this. I started because I want to type down what I did. Then, I wanted to improve. I’m still doing that. 

What to do?

Now I will tell you why it is useful.

If you have a child or children and need to work. You can open a Youtube channel if they are sensible. I recommend you not open one if your child or children is under 5 years old.  Meanwhile, you could rent or buy a domain. My friend asked me what’s a domain. I think some of you don’t know so I’m going to tell you. A domain is a name, for example, adventurephilip.com adventurephilip is the domain.  Understand? If not please comment and I will tell you in more detail. 

When I first opened a blog.

Now I will tell you about my emotions.

I remembered when I first opened I got a few subscribers to 40. I had more subscribers than my classmate that I really hate at that time. After that, he did giveaways. He got more subscribers than me.  Next, I got more subscribers than he. Then, he got more again! Subscribers are what I want to get more than he. I’m very very angry that period. After that, I overcome it.  I worked harder and harder to get subscribers. Even though I did not get more then him but I’m still very proud of myself. Now he has two hundred and thirty subscribers. Now people start calling him a scammer when he is not. I hope you will support him. Here’s his Youtube channel name iiipixelpug click here to go to his channel.  It’s really upsetting and now he stopped doing his videos. 


Now I will tell you about my experience.

I experienced a lot from What should I write and how to make friends. It really matters if you write the article good or not. Make good titles, don’t rush, write as many words as you can, and a lot more. In the end, I’m friends with my classmate now really good buddies. I hope you enjoy this article and find this useful. Have a nice day. I will see you tomorrow. Please rate my article and say if it’s helpful or not. Write a comment to me if you have a blog or open one including Youtube channels.

A kid who loves to make blog and YouTube videos. Mainly do blogs and more focused on YouTube these days. Visit my face @ https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCdNmVeds6-waJxY2Y5v4E-A/ Makes Discord bot, and big fan of Aviation. Favorite YouTuber: Sam Chui.

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