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Gangsta Granny

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Hi,👋 guys what sub🤘 Welcome back!  

Today I’m going to tell you about……..drum roll🥁🥁, please! A book called Gangsta Granny. Firstly, I will tell you about the characters and the setting. Secondly, I will tell you about the adventures. Thirdly, I will tell you about my ratings and opinions about this book. Lastly, leave a comment and rate my review and if you want, tell me some suggestions! ARE YOU READY! If you are scroll down!


Know about the settings and characters.

Now, my dear friend, I will introduce you to tell the characters.

firstly, meet the Granny of Ben. She eats cabbage things, cabbage soup, cabbage chocolate cake, and many more others. Secondly, his parents loved a TV show called Strictly Stars Dancing. Thirdly, His dad works at a local supermarket. B Stopping an old man that has concealed two tubs of margarine. That’s ben’s dad highlight of his twenty years career. His mom works in a nail salon they don’t have a lot of customers. Her mom and her workmates always do other nails. The only exception was when Flavio Flavioli was on day time TV. Now you know the characters? If you do then let’s move on!

The Adventure

Now I will tell you about the adventure.


Are you ready for the adventure? If you are, get excited and read on. Firstly,  one day Ben went to his grandma’s house. His parents were going to Strictly Stars Dancing live on stage.  At grandma’s house, she said she made Ben’s favorite cabbage soup.That’s not true! When Ben drinks it he only sipped a little. Then when her granma didn’t notice he poured it in a plant and quickly sit at his sit. Ben phoned his parents that night when his grandma’s asleep.


  The Phone Call

What Happens when Ben calls? let’s find out!


When Ben called his grandma heard everything but Ben didn’t know. The next morning before he went home at eleven. He took the biscuit tin that he always eats from for his birthday but it is heavier than usual. When he opens the box he saw diamonds and rings. He was determined to do some detective work on it. Soon it was time for him to go. He asked his parents if he can stay with his grandma tomorrow! Then his dad said he will phone her when they get home. When he finished the call he said she is busy tomorrow.


Silly stories

When his grandma’s free Ben had a night there. 

  When he arrived he asked questions and she said she stole lots of things. She also said police from all around the world wanted to arrest her. She told him to keep the secret. One day, his grandma slipped over water. She had to stay in the hospital for a few weeks. Ben visited her every weekend. They planned to steal jewelry from the Tower of London. In the end, they got arrested but the queen set them free! At last, Ben knew his grandma told lies.

My opinion

Now I will tell you my opinion.

I like this book even though the granny shouldn’t tell lies. My rating is ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️.  Leave a comment to let me know your opinion and ratings if you read this book. If you didn’t rate my article and if you want to give me some suggestions! Bye guys see you in my next article!   



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