What could I do if I’m fired or low paid?

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Why I can help you?

Even though I’m a kid I know a way.

Yes, I’m small. But I’m smart. Anyone can be smart. So don’t close this page. If you read the whole thing it helps me too! Remember to share my blog with all your friends too. Press the icon you want to share to. It supports me because Google will see I have people coming. As well as some companies. If they see oh this site has a lot of people reading it. So if they see that they might put an ad in my blog. If they do they will help me make money. I will buy more apps for my video and improve if I get the money. 


What to do.

Here’s some platform I recommend you to use.

Here’s the first one. It’s YouTube. You can sign up for the YouTube Partner program. When you get to One thousand subscribers and four thousand public watch hours . After approval, you get three to five dollars per one thousand video views. You get eighteen dollars per one thousand ad view. But Youtube isn’t the only way. Open a blog is another way. First, go to a website that you can rent a domain. Next, think what your domain’s called. For example, I want it called Bobbing. Then think about the last section like .com .org. Lastly, type in the  domi=ain in the website search box.


What can you do with your website?

Do you know what you can do with your website?

Decide what you want to do. Selling stuff or Writing stuff. If it’s selling stuff then I can’t help you sorry. I don’t know anything about it because it uses a different program. But if it’s writing I  can help you. That’s because I’m using it right now. I use WordPress to do it. There is too much stuff to learn unfortunately I can’t tell you all. But you can search it up online. If your job isn’t very busy I believe you can write one article per day. This could be a part-time job for you. But if you don’t have enough money to rent then I’m out of ideas.


What can you make on YouTube?

Do you know how to edit your videos?

There are loads of things you could do on YouTube. For example Gaming, Book reviews, Giveaways(But I don’t recommend that), and much more. Do you know how to edit your videos? If not I can help you edit. If you think how do I pat then stop it. First time feature my channel on your channel forever. I will check every day. If you didn’t I will report the video. Second time give me a shout out. If I get to 1000 subs I will do a giveaway. That giveaway will be me editing five videos for free! Check out the merlion video for reference to the edit. Email to for the edit.

The end

Thank you for reading.

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